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DUNE HD TV303D tips & tricks

We've recently bought this baby to play movies from our NAS. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy it more...

Fix for 'Error: file can't be played' for some DIVX files

It seems that the Dune players have a bug/feature that prevents them from playing certain DIVX files. After a long search on the internet I came across the solution. Some Dune firmwares do not handle playing DIVX5 files when the Four CC code is DX50. The solution for this is easy:

  • download FourCC Changer here:
  • start the program an locate the DIVX file that does not play
  • If the 'FourCC Used Codec' gives DX50 change it by typing 'DIV5'
  • click the Apply button
  • done!

Movie jukebox with yaDIS

I tried several movie jukeboxes. The best for me is yaDIS.

Written by Ard on Monday April 1, 2013
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