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Bolt CMS tips & tricks

I'm migrating the site from Drupal to Bolt CMS, version 2 (directly from GitHub). The development environment I'm using is the Web station service on our Synology NAS. In this article, I will share some tips and tricks that might be useful for you if you begin to use Bolt.

PHP configuration

Bolt uses a number of PHP extensions. Most of them are listed in the documentation. Version 2.0 of Bolt has a new extensions mechanism that uses the PHP package manager Phar. This means you need to enable the Phar extension in your PHP configuration, so uncomment

extension =

in your php.ini or /etc/php/conf.d/extensions.ini. If you forget that, like me, then you'll get a error message containing the message 'Failed opening required "phar://..."' .

Written by Ard on Saturday September 13, 2014
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