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Gitlab CI for Hugo

I have been playing around with a private Gitlab server. My goal was to automatically build and deploy my hugo site for my private web server. After looking around in the internet for similar solutions, I came up with the following solution for .gitlab-ci.yml stages: - build - deploy build: stage: build image: script: - hugo artifacts: paths: - public only: - master # deploy with ftp following instructions from https://www.

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I was looking for a good CMS to revive our personal website. Drupal would seem logical since I am one of the maintainers of the website of the ice skating club IJCE and we built that site in Drupal 8. But Drupal is quite complex and we don’t need that for a simple site with blog-like stories. Because Drupal is overkill, the previous site was built with Bolt CMS. That was a reasonable choice, because it is a lot easier to maintain than Drupal.

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